My practice is concerned with the structure of power and the mechanisms of control. Deploying photography, performance, and motion picture, I criticize the chicanery and spectacle that is contemporary American governmentality.  

I Have Unlimited

Self involvement enhanced by personal connectivity technology ... (more)


After You

The conundrum of excessive courtesy ... (more)


Police Brutality Grid

A video of citizen surveillance of abusive authority ... (more)



A straw is a tube for sucking ... (more)


Getting de Menezes

A short movie that recreates the last minutes of an innocent man shot by police in the London tube ... (more)


Free! Take One

This piece entices participation with the common commandments of consumerism ... (more)



Contained in this memorial are the stories of three people killed at the hands of hysterical authority... (more)


Resting Man

This is a reconfiguration of the infamous photograph referred to often as “Falling Man”... (more)


For Official Use Only

Animated movies made to restructure real life horror ... (more)


The Corporal

The Corporal is a performed American full of fear and zeal. He promotes vigilante surveillance ... (more)


Unattended Bags

This is a piece about fear as a mechanism of control and security. ... (more)


Evil Star Series

The question of wrong and right slips around in our society. This work takes characters whose criminal behavior was condoned or honored ... (more)


Art for the Gitmo Break Room

This piece takes the form of corporate motivational room décor, to create a narrative that facetiously asks ... (more)


Images from the Museum of Authority

To explore the phenomenon of state sponsored evil, this series relocates torture to the hallowed pedestals of culture. ... (more)


Projects for Distribution

Agitprop and the performance of commerce.