T.W. Li

Memorial (2006)

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Contained in this memorial are the stories of three people killed at the hands of hysterical authority. State security forces in the London tube killed Jean Charles de Menezes; riot police killed Victoria Snelgrove after the Boston Red Sox won the pennant; and Rigoberto Alpizar was killed in Miami by Federal Air Marshals who claimed he threatened them with a bomb.

On top of these narratives are newspaper stories of insidious erosion of civil liberties, such as anti-Bush t-shirts banned in high schools, County level Homeland Security agents monitoring pornography at libraries, and Sheriffs arresting people for inadequate respect for the flag. Other references include TS Eliot on the condition of fear and a banged up version of the Bill of Rights.

This piece was mounted on a bulletin board in a public setting and as such was intended as a meditation on tragic loss as well as a site of informational display. The piece is 16 feet long and was made with the least expensive materials available, paper, clear tape, plastic, ink, and string.